Project dashboard is a custom designed Excel estimating spreadsheet for the construction industry. It will keep all your data at your fingertips throughout every project. The sheet makes it easy to estimate the cost, track hours, material allowances, product selections, changes, billing, and the vendor payout's for each project. It comes with a fully customizable Word document that is a 6 page project assessment form that helps you identify all pre-existing conditions. This tool will help you estimate faster and more accurately!
Tracks the following data;
Division number, description, quantity, unit, material cost, material total, labor cost, labor total, unit cost for material & labor combined, allowance total, hrs. /unit, hrs. total, labor /unit, hourly labor total.

Example; if you know that on average it takes your electrician 1 hr. to run the box, pipe and wiring for a typical switch you can put that entry into the sheet so that when you get all finished with the estimate you will have a good idea of time needed to perform all the tasks in total Hrs, Material & Labor.
Custom; if you do not need all the divisions we will custom make a dashboard for just your specific needs.  Example; if you are an electrician and want just electrical we will make it just for you!
This sheet is for anyone that wants to save time and be more accurate. The better you are at excel the easier it will be to use. The sheet is still in progress of being developed. We have used it for several years now and still find ways to improve on the design. The bottom line is it makes it very easy for you to get quick costing and track your projects. So if you cannot estimate as quickly as you would like maybe this is for you! After you buy it and use it you will see how fast you can estimate. As you see room for improvement, we welcome any new ideas.
Software:   $595.00 order will be emailed to you. There is some documentation included. We will personally train you up to 1 hr via screen sharing with each order.
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Upgrades yearly:  $225.00 As software is upgraded yearly, this entitles you to a new copy of the latest
Training video: $175.00 available soon will show how program works and get you up to speed asap! Reserve now
Features & Benefits:

Free 6-page project preexisting conditions assessment form (just add your logo)
Software is used repeatedly just copy the template 
Instructions tab for help
Training video talking about the software and showing a sample estimate
You can add or change the data to customize it to your specific needs
Monitor hours that are expected to be required for a specific task or a total project
Provides boilerplate data for your proposals, contracts, change orders and work orders
Exports to output templates into word document and emails
Preferences tab to set all cost % up or down for supervisor, manage, labor and/or materials
Discovery-design tab to keep track of sales-profit
Dashboard to view the project summary to date
Billing tab keeps track of project billing & payments
Section input tab where all entry is performed for 29 divisions
Input the complete project by entering data on the division
You may set the hourly rate of pay for all the divisions
Adjust the employer burden % for each division
Adjust hours need to perform each task therefore adjusting labor rate automatically
You may increase or decrease all divisions by % for labor, materials and/or allowances
Shut on and off cost as desired
Has a built-in calculator to use
Use decimal equivalents
Use built in unit cost assemblies to get a unit price
Enter current material pricing to update assemblies
Calculate Btu’s needed for hvac
Calculate ea, lf, sf, cy, cf automatically
Calculate roofs
Rafter chart included
Input electrical for each room
Calculate circuits needed
Calculate counter tops
Calculate stairs
Auto calculate walls, ceilings and floors and everything that might go on them or in them
The ability to add to the sheet itself to do new things
Architecture tab to manage architecture fees (exports to output)  
Included is the system for the Architectural Bid Package. Shows the process & email signature
Manage tab to view all numbers, payouts for supervisor, manage. Shows cost savings plan

Area cost recap tab to manage different areas in the estimate. Example bath & kitchen priced separately in the same file.
Scope of work tab to view, manage all or just a few items by trade, item, unit, quantity, material, labor and product allowances
Allowance tab tracks item, quantity, unit, unit allowance, total allowance, actual unit cost, actual unit cost with tax, difference, manufacturer, model name, model #, finish, size, notes, vendor, phone, contact, date ordered, date expected, date rec
Change order tab manages changes + or - updates the math, exports to word or email
Division totals summarizes all costs by vendor, material, labor, grand total, discount total, allowance total and hrs. total. Track all negotiated pricing with vendors. 
Buyout tab to track bids
Vendor city apps tab to track city license, bonding & permit applications
Inspection tab to track city inspections
Purchase tab keep track of company purchases
Payout tab to keep track of vendor cost, percentages, percentage of completion and payout management
Completion tab used to track holdbacks in the final stages of completion
Plans, permit, clean & protect tab enable you to input a % of project cost to calculate plans, permit, clean up, maid, protection, selections and duct cleaning.

Software tracks 29 divisions;

1. Prep-demo                               11. Roofing                       21. Drywall
2. Concrete                                  12. Gutter                         22. Int doors
3. Carpentry rough                      13. Siding                        23. Int millwork
4. Windows                                  14. Skylight                      24. Tile floor-wall 
5. Ext doors                                 15. Cabinets                     25. Wood flooring
6. Plumbing rough                      16. Cabinet-Appl install  26. Vinyl-laminate-carpet floor
7. Hvac                                         17. Plumbing trim            27. Fireplace prefab
8. Electrical                                 18. Ext decks                    28. Ceiling-wall finish 
9. Masonry                                  19. Glass                           29. Plans-Permit-Clean-Protect
10. Tops                                       20. Insulation

Calculates a manage fee based on total project costs
Calculates supervisor fee
Calculates % of each vendor compared to the total project
Calculates % of materials, labor and/or allowances for the complete project
Bid form tab used to cost out projects on site
Average bid form compares several different vendors at the same time
Main vendor tab used for a vendor that may do more than one trade
Auto sworn statement prepares for bank payouys
Waiver tab auto creates the waiver partial or final
Client purchase tab tracks purchases made by the client
Notes tab used for any notes about the project
Material cost tab tracks lumber costing to update sheet
Payout schedule tab tracks the payment milestone for the client
Sales manage tab keeps track of sales and commission for sales person
Selection tab tracks item, quantity, unit, allowance, total, details for each area of project
Leads tab tracks leads, sale, costing
Sample work order tab is used to create new workorder for vendors
Lot calc tab calculates lot coverage %
Water calc tab calculates required water line size
Green Sky tab tracks financing payouts
Lost days tab helps you keep a running tab on bad days that crews cannot work
Payment tab shows chart of rate, term and approx loan payment
Tabs 70 & rule, mofo, approx cost #1 & #2 are used to help decide costing for flippers

Trade specific software: $495.00 Cost-Calc use for a specific trade that you need. Example plumbing, electrical, concrete to name a few!
SEE Sample KITCHEN takeoff done in only 10 minutes!
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